We call our invention – the F.O.S.® fashion frame.

We see it as the simplest new social media tool for the fashion industry.

Welcomes the American People, U.S. Fashion Designers, Adventurous Companies, U.S. Manufacturers and the World to our website.

We are reaching out to those of you who believe in freedom of speech and expression and who utilize social media in your lives.

The F.O.S.® fashion frame is the “Invention FOR THE PEOPLE”. It is for all people of all ages in the U.S.A. and the world. Our trademark F.O.S.® Stands For "Freedom Of Speech". We also believe the F.O.S.® fashion frame indirectly helps “PAY FREEDOM FORWARD” through people’s intellect and creativity due to the F.O.S.®’s purpose and use.

The F.O.S.® can be an asset to anyone who wants to have fun with it. Maybe, even in some small way, the F.O.S.® can be the seed for assisting individuals in fulfilling their dreams, allow people & businesses to share their passions and even help humanity and social justices with the assistance of social media.

we want you to


Declaration Of “F.O.S.® FOR FASHION”

Your voice is needed for our new social media frame on apparel and accessories. Help us put it on the market for all!

If you STAND BEHIND the F.O.S.® VISION AND DREAM, and WANT THE F.O.S.® TRENDS sold in stores nearest you, please DOWNLOAD the HANG TAG of your choice from our website. If you do not see them being sold at your favorite locations, ask them if they will be selling F.O.S.® Fashion Frame Trends in the near future. Only offer additional info and/or hang tag if respresentative asks and shows interest for more information and let them know the “F.O.S.® creator” sends his regards. (We are not promoting or endorsing any form of solicitation - soliciting is illegal.) Merchants and stores want to fulfill the needs and desires of their customers.

F.O.S.® cares about you. Please share your story and experience, while we all go on this journey together.

Connect with us on Twitter@foscreator or Facebook.com/FOStrends or Instagram/f.o.s.creator. Let’s make the American people, through social media, influence the next hottest fashion trend and make history! All are welcome to DOWNLOAD our “F.O.S.® DECLARATION” and display it within your own communities - only at appropriate legal locations - to help get the word out and/or DOWNLOAD HANG TAGS too from the company website FOStrends.com, always welcome to contact us at info@FOStrends.com. THANK YOU.

F.O.S.® “Selfie” Fashion Frame “Dream” Demo

“When you "think in color" you think creatively!”


"Wear & See" Your F.O.S.® Voice Today

Original Street Style Design

Hand crafted frame. Frame can be worn on front or back

Unisex Sizes for all

Gender Neutral Style

Donated to Charities in Need

10% of each F.O.S.® sold donated to charities in need.

100% Organic Cotton

Cleaner Water. One Cotton T-Shirt accounts for 9 years of drinking water, for 1 person.


Good for farmers. Beneficial to animals & insects.

Made in USA

Strengthens American Economy Recycle/Reuse/Less Waste Motto