F.O.S. ® Trends First Arrival
New Street Style Layer For Fashion
The F.O.S ® Black Organic Cotton Tee with Attachable/Detachable Display Frame for all Occasions, Seasons & Reasons.
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  • IT' ’S ALL FUN!

Digital photography looks cool when worn in an F.O.S.® Black Tee.

Photos taken by f.o.s.creator phone in Wynwood Miami, Lake Worth and West Palm Beach, FLORIDA.


care Do's/Don't's

"Wear & See" Your F.O.S.® Voice Today

Original Street Style Design

Hand crafted frame. Frame can be worn on front or back

Unisex Sizes for all

Gender Neutral Style

Patented Invention with Unlimited Uses

Ideal for messages & visual images

100% Organic Cotton

Cleaner Water. One Cotton T-Shirt accounts for 9 years of drinking water, for 1 person.


Good for farmers. Beneficial to animals & insects.

Made in USA

Strengthens American Economy Recycle/Reuse/Less Waste Motto

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F.O.S.® Fashion Revolution

We believe everyone is more alike than different. Insert what you like in our F.O.S.® fashion frame. Wear F.O.S.® on the streets & share it with the world. &

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