June 15, 2015


F.O.S. Fashion Frame creator never stopped loving dinosaurs and never plans to. Enjoyed movie that had incredible special affects, especially on IMAX, 3D. Chris Pratt is someone to watch. Check it out this summer, it will keep you entertained, even i...

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June 16, 2015

Freedom Of Speech Fashion Frame excited and proud to SHARE HISTORICAL 1917 chalkboard via downloads

What an incredible story that was seen on NBC news, of a janitor who saved and hid a chalkboard waiting to be uncovered for all to appreciate from 1917. It was found in Emerson High School in Oklahoma City. They are all works of...

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June 19, 2015

SAVED Fitbit Ad in Freedom Of Speech Fashion Frame WEARABLE apparel

Congrats Fitbit on your I.P.O.! Love your products and ads too. Thought this is a perfect time to display this saved ad of yours to help celebrate your accomplishments and future endeavors. Good luck! F.O.S. is thrilled and happy for you....

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July 3, 2015

Freedom Of Speech F.O.S. Fashion Frame celebrates July 4th with PATRIOTIC IMAGES from Disabled American Veterans calendar

It's been an exciting time in our history recently; especially with recent marriage equality. It is truly a time to be a proud American. All people are created equal. No better time than this 4th of July weekend to INSERT patriotic images from my...

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July 7, 2015

F.O.S. Freedom Of Speech Fashion Frame Concept CAN RECYCLE OLD MERCHANDISE

F.O.S. Freedom Of Speech Fashion Frame INVENTION is a perfect FIT FOR FASHION industry. What's old is new again can apply for a lot of un sold merchandise. Also, due to the concept and purpose, retailers can actually mark up the price if they play th...

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July 20, 2015

Fashion Frame Thinks Google Maps Are A Perfect Fit For Downloading Digital Photos To Be Worn On Fashion Apparel And Accessories

What can anyone say after seeing the Google Maps that will be available for the world. It allows those who can't, go to places beyond one's imagination. I saw a segment about Google Maps took photos from my Apple I-6 phone, downloaded them, and now w...

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